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Exploring Numinous Eroticism in Jungian Archetype

You will not find a straight line in my Exhibition this evening. Not only none of the straight lines are straight, but even the curved lines do not have regular curves. Instead, they are rather squiggly lines. That’s all right, because the subconscious mind engages and adjusts for disorder in imagery, so you will see the lines as straight and the curves as regular regardless—or at least that’s how you will remember them. Continue reading

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References on the Use of Archetype in Art

Good places to start to study the use of Archetype in Art Continue reading

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Archetype in Art

Have you ever wondered why it is that some art can bring you to tears, while some is simply boring? The secret is in the power of the archetypes the artist uses, whether or not s/he knows she is doing it. Continue reading

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